eightwatts was formed in Feb 2002 as the result of a half-assed search for a drummer and a vocalist. The founding members are Eddy (lead guitar), Eli (guitar), and JP (bass).

After countless drunk and unstructured rehearsals ...

1st gig: July 13 2002.
Eddy was out of the country, much to his dismay, but eightwatts was determined to drive 5 hours to play for a couple of hours at some house party. It was fun, the crowd loved us. Even the cops came to see us 5 minutes after we went on at 10pm.

2nd gig: September 4 2002.
It was an event organized by Stevens Institute of Technology, and we were there just to provide background music. This was our first public performance with all the members present. Thankfully not many people were there since we played like shit.

3rd gig: November 1 2002.
This wasn't really gig. Theta Xi, a fraternity house, hired a "real" cover band to play at its annual halloween party. They let us play a few songs during their break.

4th gig: December 7 2002.
A friend's birthday party at Willie McBride's in Hoboken. We almost played a full gig, but since we arrived late and took too long to setup we were kicked off after our 1st of two sets (another band was scheduled to come on). Other than that, it was a successful evening. Lots of alcohol and fun was had by all.

5th gig: March 6 2003.
great night @ Willie Mcbride's. We could've sounded better, but who gives a fuck.

6th gig: April 26 2003.
Battle of the Bands @ Stevens Institute of Technology. We won 3rd place.

7th gig: May 8 2003.
Willie Mcbride's

8th gig: May 16 2003.
coming up